5 Epic Great White Shark Pictures You Can Use For Free!

Few things are as captivating and jaw-dropping as perfectly-timed great white shark photos in full HD, and many of us are keen to use them as wallpaper or for our websites.

But being caught using copyrighted pictures without permission isn’t cool. Luckily, I’m here to help! I want to introduce you to six unmissable great white shark images that you can use copyright-free!

Great White Shark Jumping After Prey (MLbay, Pixabay)

A great white shark can jump up to fifteen feet out of the water, and this picture from MLbay proves it. It’s truly one of the most epic great white shark images you’ll ever see, and it’s free to use!

Shark Warning Sign (Rusty Watson, Unsplash)

This royalty-free snap of a sign warning beachgoers of great white sharks has strong Jaws vibes and was taken at Lighthouse Beach, Cape Cod, U.S.A.

Great White Shark Patrol (Gerald Schömbs, Unsplash)

Few great white shark images sum up the great white hunting ground of Guadalupe, Mexico. It’s free to use and shows a great white shark on patrol beneath the waves.

Great White Shark Underwater (Oleksandr Sushko, Unsplash)

Want an epic photo of a great white shark underwater? Look no further than this copyright-free masterpiece of a battle-scarred great white shark swimming in the depths of the ocean from photographer Oleksandr Sushko!

Great White Shark Breaching (Alex Steyn, Unsplash)

There are few images as iconic as a great white shark breaching the waves in search of prey, and this is one of the best great white breaching images available royalty-free thanks to the generosity of the skilled Alex Steyn.

Some of the Best Great White Shark Pictures are Free!

There are plenty of royalty-free great white shark images that you can use for free, thanks to talented and generous photographers like these!


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